Episode 63 – Upcoming Books

There are several books on the release schedule that will be coming out for Invisible Sun. Since we’ve got bad memories and have trouble discerning reality from misremembered dreams, we’re going to talk over the various books the Kickstarter will deliver.

  • Book M – January 2019
  • Secrets of Silent Streets – February 2019
  • Teratology – April 2019
  • The Threshold – Fall 2019
  • The Nightside – Fall 2019
  • Enchridion of the Path – Early 2020

Return to the Actuality

Today is the last day for the Return to the Actuality Kickstarter. Get a Vislae Kit, or get a Cube if you didn’t back the first project. Let’s hit those stretch goals so we can add more books to the release schedule for Invisible Sun.

Check it out.

Wrap Up

Music in the episode was drawn from the song “Beyond” by Wes Otis and Plate Mail Games and is available at DriveThruRPG.

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