Time to talk about how Goetics go about summoning entities and what they do with them once they’re around. Draw your summoning circles and let’s give it a listen.

Wrap Up

Music in the episode was drawn from the song “Beyond” by Wes Otis and Plate Mail Games and is available at DriveThruRPG.

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2 comments on Episode 59 – Goetics

  1. Sean Phelan says:

    Say, at one point Dave made a quick aside regarding using Sortilege to help summon a demon. I’m a book-less player, but in my campaign we haven’t been permitting the use of Sortilege with Sorcery. So Dave’s comment caught my ear. Is summoning-Sorcery an exception to that rule?

    Thanks! Keep up the good work

    1. Dave Hanlon says:

      Good point to clarify.

      If you’re getting extra dice from spending Sorcery then you won’t be able to spend Sortilege to get additional dice (unless you’ve got the Secret that allows you to spend more enhancements). I’m assuming the case you’re referring to here would be rolls for colloqy when you’re negotiating with the entity you’re summoning? If that’s the case, then I think you could spend that Sortilege enhancement since the Sorcery you’ve spent on the summoning don’t impact these rolls either by adding to the Venture or adding dice.

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